ASAP Skincare review

I’m fortunate enough to have naturally alright skin. But as I get into my late 20’s (omg gross) I’ve started taking my skin care habits a lot more seriously. So heres a ASAP Skincare review for my morning and night routines.

ASAP Skincare Review

I’ve been educated by Freya of Embrace Aesthetics in Kew that run of the mill face wash that you by from the supermarket probably ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, some of those products are great, but when you want to see a bit more of a result and have longer lasting positive effects on your skin, you really gotta go to the pros.

ASAP skincare review

All of the ASAP range I use is available to purchase here at Embrace Aesthetics Store

ASAP Skincare Review – Night Routine

I was sent the Sante by Enjo exfoliating washer about a year ago and I’ve never looked back. I get a lot of people messaging me asking if they are any good and my answer is OMG YES. They have different types for make up removal/cleansing etc but I’ve always just used the one to do all of those things and it works perfectly. Best part about these products is you only need to add water to them and they’re remove your make up better than any make up remover I’ve ever known. So if you’re a lazy bitch (like me) when it comes to removing your make up at the end of the day, this is the perfect product for you!

Enjo exfoliators are only $19 for a pack of two and they’ll last your entire lifetime

sante enjo

By the way, these Enjo exfoliators are only $19 for a pack of two and they’ll last your entire lifetime. Seriously, they’re like a cockroach that never dies. I also just chuck mine in the washing machine once a week to get them really clean. How easy is that?!

sante enjo

So once Ive removed my make up with my Enjo, I use the ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub ($49), which is a very light soap that I use to clean over my entire face and about half way down my neck. If you’re a stingy bitch like I am you’ll be glad to hear you only need the tiniest bit of this stuff and it will still lather up like crazy. So one bottle will last you ages. Tick box for the budget ey!

ASAP Skincare review

Next up, is the ASAP Radiance Serum – aka the bottle with the R on it. The reason Freya got me onto this particular product is because I tend to get reddish pigmentation around my chin, nose and forehead and this product helps reduce that while also brightening the skin all over. This is a clear liquid and again you only need one squirt. #thatswhathesaid

asap skincare review

The Radiance Serum is $89, but like I said before, you only use a tiny bit each time.

Lucky last for the night is ASAP Super B Complex (bottle with the B on it). This product helps boost collagen production, need I say more?! The combination of the R Serum and the B Complex once dried leaves you with a tacky yet firm feeling on your skin, it’s not oily at all and feels quite comfortable to sleep in. The B Complex is the most expensive of the tri at $95, but I think you could get away without it if you weren’t scared of the signs of ageing like I am!

ASAP Skincare Review

I know this may seem like a lot of effort at night, but it’s really not. This whole process takes me no longer than 3 minutes.

ASAP Skincare Review – Morning Routine

Just like every female on the planet, I literally do not have time in the morning for anything – it’s lucky if I even brush my teeth! However, something I will always have time for is sunscreen. Ever since I visited Clinica-Lase to have a skin review under the UV light I have been so cautious of preventing further sun damage on my face. I don’t use a fancy sunscreen, it is literally just a $15 bottle of cancer council from Priceline.

Freya knows my sun damage fears and recently suggested I try the ASAP Super C Serum in the mornings, $95. The voice in my head said ‘biiitacchhh I don’t have time for dis!’ So what I’ve been doing is mixing the Super C Serum into my sunscreen, the old ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’ trick. The ASAP Super C Serum is actually very VERY nice on, it leaves your skin with that soft velvety feeling and thats even if you mix it with sunscreen like I do. What it’s used for though is healing sun damaged skin, something I think most of us probably need after years of childhood in the sun being ‘too cool’ for sunscreen.

asap skincare review

Thats really it people! Besides what I’ve already told you the only other thing I do to keep my skin healthy is drink lots of water!

embrace aesthetics

If you’re interested in getting a skin care routine to suit your individual needs, I would suggest you contact Freya from Embrace Aesthetics in Kew, Melbourne. She will tell you exactly what you need and prides herself on a personalised service. Freya also runs promotions through her Injectables By Freya Instagram so if you can get in on one of those you can pick up a skin treatment or some products for a discounted price.

*This is NOT a paid post*