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I spend 99% of my life complaining about my hair and 1% of the time actually doing something about it. However, every time I do make the effort to go to the hairdresser, I’m always amazed by the positive changes in my hairs over all healthy and appearance – I really need to get there more often!

capelli lunghi
Capelli Lunghi
South Yarra, where you DON’T need to spend a fortune

I know what you’re thinking.. How is this going to the hair dresser a budget friendly experience?! Well, it’s all about saving cash where you can. In my case, I cannot afford having my hair dyed at the hair dresser. It’s just no longer an expense I can justify. Instead I use box dye at home. Yes, you heard me correctly, I use packet dye. Although I know this isn’t for everyone, so if you prefer a professional to dye your hair, Capelli Lunghi can do that too!

I wish I realised this earlier, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars at a hairdresser every 6-8 weeks to have healthy/nice hair. You might be shocked to hear this, but at Capelli Lunghi, I got nothing more than a simple cut and a 15 minute leave in conditioner, but oh what a difference it made!

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Capelli Lunghi hair treatments are the bomb!

Firstly I’d just like to point out that Capelli Lunghi are all natural, mineral based, cruelty free and vegan friendly. That certainly helps me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

I don’t know why treatments are so underrated and constantly pushed to the bottom of the priority list? A $25 condition and 15 minutes of my time for healthier, smoother and shinier hair doesn’t seem bad to me at all! Below you can see the difference in my hairs colour depth (reminder, I did not get it dyed!), shine and hydration. Look at that richness!

capelli lunghi

Capelli Lunghi vs Other Hairdressers and over all service?

Other Hairdressers:

  1. I speak for females everywhere when I say this… I dislike when they tell you they’ll cut and inch off and they cut 7 instead. My expectation of hairdressers is that I will be leaving with dramatically shorter hair whether I liked it or not.
  2. The next thing, I don’t like being sent home from a hairdresser with a rushed blow dry. I shouldn’t have to go home and straighten/style my hair in order to look presentable AFTER I’ve visited a hairdresser.

Capelli Lunghi:

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to be told by Nick at Capelli Lunghi that ONE INCH would do it as I ‘wouldn’t want to lose any length’. And that is exactly what I got, 1 inch of split ends gone, no one has been lied to, everyone is happy – especially me!
  2. Are you getting a look at those curls? You’d think I’d just been to a blow bar before heading to a big event! Not only did I leave feeling like I could ‘whip ma hair back and forth’, I also got a mini styling lesson from Nick so I can practice doing my own curls from home. That is full service if you ask me.capelli lunghi south yarra

Looking for an amazing Melbourne based hair salon for a well priced and high quality cut/colour/treatment? Book an appointment at Capelli Lunghi South Yarra HERE

Thanks Nick & Sereana of Capelli Lunghi xo

capelli lunghi south yarracapelli lunghi south yarra