Before I lay on a thick spread of eyelash extensions reality, let me first start with a disclaimer of sorts. Of all the beauty practices I enjoy, this one is by far my biggest Achilles heel. I have had volume eyelash extensions every fortnight for over 2 years now – that is how much I love them! However, there are some semi humorous ‘cons’ that come with having round the clock eyelash extensions which I thought would be an awesome idea for a blog post!

Here are 4 things you need to know about life with eyelash extensions!
eyelash extensions

  1. You don’t know the pain of having an eyelash in your eye.. until you’ve felt a fake one

    Sometimes natural lashes end up in our eyes, no surprises there. The real question is, does that eyelash feel more like a small stick lodged under your eyelid? Or does it legit bring you to your knees in irritated eye pain? If there answer is no, you have never experienced the trauma of a fake eyelash gone rogue into your eyeball. Just when you think it can’t be any worse, you realise you have Russian Volume! That one lash you thought was in there, nup, its more like 5.

    eyelash extensions

  2. Erin has been here, theres a trail of eyelashes

    Since natural lashes fall out from time to time, you can expect your attached false lashes will do the same, after all they’re a two for 1 deal now! You know how boyfriends hate when you leave hair everywhere? Thats the least of their worries now, because instead you have left a little breadcrumb trail of lashes! Except these are no ordinary polite single lash, they’re a mutant breed of 4 in 1?! Some sort of 4 lash clover, the luckiest kind of lash! Expect to find them everywhere, like a constant reminder of your incredible lash game!

    eyelash extensions

  3. Bad hair day… for lashes

    Everyone knows the feeling of a bad hair day, usually we can just put it in a messy bun and tell people we’ve just been to the gym – a total lie, but it beats explaining your attempt at ‘Bec Judd’s natural curls using only a GHD’ was an epic fail.

    Something I never expected until I got my first set of eyelash extensions was that ‘bad lash day’ struggles are REAL. And those lash babies are more disobedient than your hair. Call it, crazy lash day. They’ll stick in every possible direction – except the right one. Lord help you if you don’t have a lash brush with you that day because you’re about to face life head on with a set of lashes that look more like a chimney brush.

  4. You really want to put mascara on them but you know you’re not allowed

    Everyone knows not to put mascara OR a strip set on your fakies! But we do it anyway. The temptation is just too great! Then you feel bad when you have to blatantly lie to your lash gal at your next appointment – you KNOW she is gonna ask if you put mascara on them, it’s obvious because you also couldn’t get it the fuck off! But you lie to her anyway so she doesn’t get mad. Since she’s a pro in the lash game (and can see that cooked on mascara evidence painted all over her work)… Guess what? Now she knows you’re a lying little rat bag. Hahaha Jess Buff, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry!!!

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Of course there are a millions and one pros to having eyelash extensions, which is why I keep going back! But a word of advice – treat your lashes properly and go to someone reputable who actually values the health of your natural lashes. I always ask Jess how my natural lash health is just for peace of mind, I doubt I’ll be a 75 year old still getting eyelash extensions so I like knowing my natural set can carry me through my later years!

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