fashion trends for 2017

Can you believe how quick this year has gone?! It’s time to do some mental fashion prep for the new year! Which is extra important for me since I have a fashion label to design so it pays to know what fashion trends for 2017 look like. I’m always trying to suss out what fashion trends people are loving, what fashion trends have over stayed their welcome and which are here to stay.

My Fav Fashion Trends for 2017?

I think we need to start with the most obvious trend, silk fashion!

I think it’s pretty safe to say the Aussie Summer is going to decked out in chicks wearing silk. It’c clear to see why silk fabric has fast become the fashion trend of choice. People are better educated on quality these days, they know exactly what they’re paying for and why. But, Before I continue typing away, yes I am aware I own a silk fashion business and therefore I’m biased. So, what if I provide some credible designer images of the silk fashion trend for 2017 just to prove my point! #lol.

fashion trends for 2017fashion trends for 2017fashion trends for 2017

See! Silk fashion really is a trend and if it’s good enough for Gucci it’s good enough for BOY IS MINE!

Silk fashion has (and always will have) a lux feel it has about it. It has a way of making an outfit go from ‘povo basic bitch’ to ‘expensive AF’! Since I don’t currently have an employer who gives me money on a permanent basis, it really helps to wear things that look expensive to further hide my underlying bankruptcy. So I guess in a way you could consider wearing silk clothing another one of my Instagram fashion lies! Works every time!

That brings me to my next fav…

I just can’t go past dem ruffles!

They have been around the block a while now but I’m just not done with them! I could give you the Leandra Medine definition of ruffles but I haven’t quite reached that utterly outrageous level of crassness yet – sorry but I’m just not ready to mention the word ‘vagina’ in a blog post!

fashion trends for 2017fashion trends for 2017fashion trends for 2017

Personally, the inner girly girl in me has only just started feeling comfortable getting my ‘frill-on’ and I’m not about to give that up. It’s been a long AF winter here in Melbourne and I’m sick of dressing like a boy in her dads clothes every day. I’m very ready to femme it up this Summer and what better way than with an enthusiastic use of ruffles.

I could go on and on for hours about trends.. but the reality is, I don’t have a job and all this talk of fashion is making me depressed. Plus the lack of coffee right now isn’t helping. #butfirstcoffee #dontnotdrinkcoffeeandblog

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fashion trends for 2017fashion trends for 2017fashion trends for 2017

Model: Hollie Vorbach
Photographer: Mary Tham
MUA: Jessica Warner