injectables by freya

For all those botox/fillers/skin care ladies out there, this post is for you! I’ve been seeing Injectables By Freya aka Embrace Aesthetics for botox for 6 months now…

I’ve never denied that a love to get a little jab in the face from time to time. I’ve been getting botox for about 3 years now and cheek fillers on and off for 18 months – it really depends when I can afford them. People often ask me where I go for these treatments and where I would recommend. For me the answer is always the same, you can go somewhere high priced, you can go somewhere low priced but if they are shit at their job it really makes no difference!

The last thing you want is to feel uneasy about the person injecting you in the face!

injectables by freya

I know there are plenty of well known places out there that aren’t necessarily the best at what they do. At the end of the day, I only go to people I trust for these sorts of procedures. The last thing you want is to feel uneasy about the person injecting you in the face. Reason I say this, is I recall one experience with a well known beauty treatment chain. It was my first time getting fillers, so naturally I was already feeling uneasy. Anyway, this woman comes in and starts ranting about how she only does a very ‘subtle and natural look’ and pointed to her own face as an example of her ‘naturalness’. As you can probably guess, she looked like Ursula.. the most UNNATURAL human I’d ever laid eyes on.. and I was about to let her inject me in the face?!

injectables by freya

I’m happy to recommend good places but ultimately, for this sort of procedure, I only go to people I trust

When I heard Freya was opening a beauty clinic, I was instantly keen to check her out. Reason being, I’ve known Freya for about.. 20 or so years! So of course, I trust her a lot. But besides this, she has a very natural and realistic eye which is evident throughout all of her treatments on clients. Also known as Embrace Aesthetics, Freya can be found on Instagram under  Injectables By Freya. But don’t be fooled by the name, she also does a whole range of skin care treatments. But thats a post for another day!

Freya’s clinic is located on High St in Kew, Melbourne. Her prices are actually BELOW market average and her equipment is all brand spanking new #winning

For those of you who watch my live videos on Instagram, you’ll already know I go to Freya for botox. However, I’m likely going to start getting cheek fillers again because Freya knows the ‘look’ I like.. and from past experience thats not something I wanna muck around with.

injectables by freya

For everyone asking, no botox doesn’t hurt! It is a little ‘stinging’ sensation but that is really it

I only get my forehead done but not because I think I look ‘old’, I actually do it because I have naturally low set eyebrows and I use botox to give them a little extra lift and height. The awesome thing about botox is the more consistent you are with it, the less you need as time goes on. Previously I needed about $350 worth of botox in my brow, but now (3 years on) I only need $190 worth because I’ve been consistent with the upkeep and now I only require less for the same result. #yay

I know it’s not for everyone, but if any Melbourne ladies are on the hunt for a reputable and well priced cosmetic injectables clinic, I would highly recommend Injectables By Freya at Embrace Aesthetics in Kew. Of course, if you’re just looking for a little skin refresher, she does plenty of that too – which I’ll be writing a post about shortly.