Multi-Masking?! What?! Who?! How?! As a female who is not a trained make up artist, beautician or anything related to the beauty arena… Sometimes I am stumped by terms throw around by people in this field. I’m often left looking like an idiot during my beauty appointments as I nod along with my beautician like I have any sort of idea what they’re talking about. 9 out of 10 times I just run home and Google it as to avoid looking like a fool the next time.

What The F Is Multi-Masking?!

As someone who only just learnt this beauty phenomenon, perhaps I’m a little late to the party. But I’ve arrived none the less! Of course I had to Google exactly what the definition of multi-masking was and this is what I’ve learnt…

multi masking

My definition of Multi-Masking

My understanding of Multi-Masking, is using multiple masks to do different things depending on the area of skin you’re applying it to. For example, in this video I’m using an oil balancing mask to clean up my oil spill of a T-zone. Accompanied with a hydrating mask for those areas you want looking nourished and youthful.

Of course if you want a more professional and in depth definition of multi-masking, Pop Sugar have described it perfectly. Instagram selfie trend, yes Pop Sugar, very accurate!multi masking

How The Hell Do You Multi-Mask?!

A very good question! I must admit, I did have to Google it before hand, in fact I Google most things in life before I try to do them.

I wasn’t entirely sure which areas of my face needed hydrating or not, plus I’m not an oil expert unless it is the deep frying variety. Thankfully there are some really good how-to graphics out there in the wide world of internet, so if you’re unsure like I am, it does help having a little Google search.

Multi-Masking Products I use…

In this instance I’m using two multi-masking products by Sukin which were both under $20! We’re all broke bitches here, this is a judgement free space. Multi-masking isn’t an expensive girly beauty activity, so it’s lots of fun to do at home with a friend or sister or whoever!

Sukin Oil Balancing Charcoal Mask, available at Priceline here $15.99

Sukin Hydrating Mask, available at Priceline here $15.99


If you say you’re not going to end up drawing pictures on each others faces I’m sorry but you are massively delusional.

multi masking