Recently I tried Musq Cosmetics which is a brand I know of, however I have never owned any of their products. A lot of people (including me) don’t know Musq Cosmetics are Australian made and chemical free.

musq costmetics

Musq Cosmetics Creme Foundation

Let me start with the Musq Creme Foundation in ‘Kalahari’ as this was my favourite out of all the products. As the whitest chick on the internet, I struggle at the best of times with foundations. Not because I can’t find the right colour, but because I feel the whiter the foundation, the less coverage you get. Have any other white gals out there experienced this? I like my foundation to do exactly what it’s made to do – cover every single imperfection on my face and make me perfect!

musq cosmetics

I was pleasantly surprised with how creamy/buttery the foundation was despite it looking a lot harder when I first opened it. First applied the Musq Cosmetics Face Moisturiser which was really light and smelt delicious. Then I applied the foundation with the sponge that it comes with inside the compact – does anyone honestly use those sponges? Which didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped.

musq costmetics

I quickly gave up on the sponge and swapped to old faithful beauty blender. This is where the magic happens.. the application was flawless. The coverage was full, I mean fulllllll.  Take a look at my ‘sultry selfie’ below as I try to be serious AND show off that even skin tone!

Bec Judd also did a really good review on Musq Creme Foundation with photo step-by-step application, so have a read if you get a chance.

musq cosmetics

Musq Cosmetics Hand Soap

I’m a sucker for anything with a scent. Especially if its a food scent!

Nice hand soaps are one of those small luxury items I like to have in the bathroom. I know it doesn’t seem like much, it’s just hand soap after all. For example, have you ever been to a cafe/restaurant and discovered a nice Aesop soap in their bathroom? I notice those sorts of things. I like special hand soap, okay?! None of this ‘run of the mill’ bar of soap shit, I like a nicely scented, well branded, matches the interior design, bottle of hand soap. Look, long story short, you can buy nice hand soap from Musq! Haha was that a mini rant or what?! #wegetiterinyoulikehandsoap

musq costmetics

Musq Cosmetics Face&Body Exfoliant

This was actually my first time using an all natural chemical free exfoliant. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As soon as I opened it up, I knew I was dealing with an ‘all natural product’ just from the way it looked and how it felt.

In the past I’ve been a fan of extremely harsh exfoliants which yes, do the job, but also leave my face red raw and irritated which has often left me wondering what the fuck is actually in them?! This particular product didn’t let me red or irritated, it was a gentle scrub and of course, rose scent – winner! I probably wouldn’t waste it on my whole body and instead save it for my face only. Just because I feel the rest of my body is a little more tough and can handle the violence of a glove exfoliator.

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