Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh

Forget eyebrow feathering or anything else you’ve learnt – now it’s all about Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh!

About a year ago now I had my first experience with eyebrow tattooing with Suzie Mcintosh – what a whole other world of beauty I found myself in! Until then I never knew there was anything outside of waxing and tinting you could do with your eyebrows. However, in the last year a lot has changed in the eyebrow beauty space – so I’ve learnt.

“Girls just want full, thick, visible brows” – Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh

It’s been a year since I first met Suzie the Queen of brows, who is also fast becoming the Insta-Queen of brows. This is a girl who spends her life perfecting different techniques, training internationally and running a brow beauty salon with a ridic waiting list – thats how you know she’s good!

I was surprised when I came back for my yearly touch up that Suzie is now using a technique called Ombre Brows. Which are similar to feather brows but instead (to my understanding) are more of an overall shading tattoo technique to make brows appear fuller and with richer colour. To quote Suzie – “girls just want full, thick, visible brows!” – Damn straight they do, Suzie!

Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh

Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh, Review…

So, here I am thinking theres no possible way this girl can give me any better eyebrows than she did the first time around – even with a new Ombre Brow technique. Well, she did. Besides having a permanent set of perfectly arched dark brown brows, the healing process this time around was one hundred million billion times better. I don’t know if any of you recall from my original Eye Brow Tattoo blog post, but I had a bit of a rough fortnight as my sensitive skin struggled to heal from the tattooing. So this time round, I was so so so happy to be looking pretty much totally human after about 3 days!

Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh

Long story short, Ombre tattooing does not hurt. It is a little stingy, but if you’re a little bitch like me, Suzie will sort you out with some numbing cream! Of course, if you still want or prefer the feathering eyebrow tattoo technique, you can certainly still get that done but maybe read this eyebrow tattoo review first so you know what you’re in for.

So, are you sick of drawing on your eyebrows and constant appointments for tinting and waxing? If yes, I highly recommend getting Ombre brows by Suzie Mcintosh. Plus you can Instagram the living shit out of her incredible new designer salon – did someone say Versace wall paper?

The final result?

The final product? Literally do not have to touch a pencil to my brows – I LEGIT wake up like this! However, if I want them EXTRA intense for a night out I might darken them a little with eyebrow cream. Overall, they’ve healed a perfectly natural colour that matches my hair and the only ‘maintenance’ I have to do is pluck out the strays that grow back outside the lines.

Ombre Brows By Suzie Mcintosh
Ombre Brows by suzie mcintosh

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