milky foot review

When I first tried Milky Foot I couldn’t believe how many messages I was getting on Instagram BEGGING to see the results. Well, I won’t let you guys down! Heres my full review on the grossest yet most satisfying beauty product around, Milky Foot.

Milky Foot Review

Much like the rest of the world, I was first introduced to Milky Foot from the sea of infomercials on television. I remember being so entranced by peoples feet that were literally shedding skin as a result of this product. I’m one of those weird people in the world who never seem to find things ‘gross’. You know when you have a really gross wound or something..? I’m that person who always asks to see it! Maybe I should have been a doctor!

milky foot review

I purchased Milky Foot from Chemist Warehouse for around $27, which I thought was a fairly reasonable price. I took it home that night and carefully read the instructions which I do admit were a little confusing. I soaked my feet in these plastic socks with a liquid chemical inside them, I did this for 45 minutes. This process was kinda feral.. keeping your foot inside a plastic bag pretty quickly turns it into an inferno of foot juice, but I persisted.

milky foot review

After you rinse your feet, the excitement sorta ends there as results don’t start for another 5-7 days. During this waiting time, my feet didn’t feel or look any different. I was getting pretty impatient with it after day 3 but I did start to notice my skin was ‘loosening’.. omg that sounds gross but I don’t know how else to describe it.

milky foot review

Milky Foot Review – the shedding is real!

By day 7 I was not disappointed and neither were my Insta followers. Messages were flooding in from girls saying they ‘can’t look away’ from my shedding feet! I can’t believe I would have ever posted a foot photo on my social media, just like I couldn’t believe how many people LOVED it. Seems theres a whole world of sicko’s like me out there!

milky foot review

The peeling continued for a few days. One of my Insta followers told me I’d need to wear socks during this time as I’d be leaving skin everywhere – she wasn’t wrong!

Milky Foot Review – Don’t Milky Foot and Spray Tan!

By day 9 I thought it would be a great idea to get a spray tan. By day 9 and a half I learnt Milky Foot and spray tans don’t mix.. unless you’re going for that real skin diseased look! See photos below.

milky foot review fake tan

Ultimately I was really happy with the result. My feet are softer, but I’d be lying if I said my old foot was magically swapped for that of a babies. The shedding skin process really and truely is exactly like what you see on the Milky Foot commercials – not an exaggeration by any means. However, what they do fail to tell you is how your boyfriend/friends/family all want to vomit at the sight of your skin falling off all over the place!